Key Members

Xinyue Li

Project Sponsor (Education practice)

Xinyue Li is an Msc students in Child Development and Education at Department of Education in Oxford University. Her research interests is in how social economic status of parents influence children’s educational attainments. She is aim to drive China’s education reform. She had various working experience in education field. She was a secondary in Australia and China. She was a project manager in a China education NGO to promote the education quality in Chinese left-behind area. She was joining many volunteer teaching activities domestically and internationally. After that, she become the co-founder of Yujian company which aim to use education to promote the development of Chinese rural area.

College: Kellogg College

Zhuohan Chen

Project co-sponsor (Education research)

Zhuohan (Johanne) has a BA in English from Dalian Maritime University, China, and has won China National Scholarship. She then graduated with a Distinction in MSc in Applied Linguistics and Second Language Acquisition from University of Oxford. Before her DPhil, Zhuohan worked for the organizing committee for the Harvard Summit for Young Leaders in China, an initiative that brought liberal arts education from Harvard to China’s top-performing high school students. She also helped evaluate the UNICEF China Child-Friendly School Programme as an RA, focusing on the socio-emotional learning among the Dong ethnic minority groups in Guangxi, China. She also teaches IELTS, TOEFL, and English phonics. Her MSc research centres on linguistic relativity, specifically the effect of French grammatical gender system on both French speakers’ and learners’ perception of objects. Her DPhil research focuses on English pronunciation teaching and learning among young Chinese kids, particularly emphasising the influence of their exposure to different English accents.

College: St Edmund Hall

Chenxuan Li

Project co-sponsor (Education Policy)

Chenxuan (Tracy) Li is an MSc student in Comparative Social Policy at Department of Social Policy and Intervention (DSPI) and a member of Regent’s Park College, University of Oxford. Prior to Oxford, she obtained her MPhil in Development Studies from University of Cambridge, and her BA in Korean Studies from Nanjing University (during which she was fully funded by China Scholarship Council as a visiting student to Korea University). Chenxuan’s research focuses on the political economy of skill formation negotiated through the evolving industry-university-government triple helix. Apart from academics, Chenxuan worked widely with governments, education companies, NGOs and think tanks, contributing to a variety of projects lying at the intersection of policy analysis, curriculum development and teaching, touching upon a wide range of themes covering Global Citizenship Education, Impact Investment in Education and Teacher Development. She previously served as a Programme Specialist and a Teaching Fellow of the Global Competence Talent Training Programme – a national-level pilot programme initiated by the Chinese Society of Educational Development Strategy and has so far served over 40 top-tier universities in China. She also holds experience of being selected as a Sponsored Trainee (by China Scholarship Council) to UNESCO Multisectoral Regional Office in Bangkok (UNESCO Bangkok).

College: Regent’s Park College

Dilan Yang

Project co-sponsor (Industrial Policy)

Dilan Yang is currently doing DPhil (PhD) in Economics at University of Oxford. She holds a Bachelor of Economics from University of Cambridge and a Masters in Global Affairs from Schwarzman College at Tsinghua University. Dilan’s research lies in development and industrial policy, and she is passionate about research for impact. She has volunteered at Bridges for Enterprise, a pro bono consultancy NGO, since 2016.

College: Nuffield collage

David Mills

Senior Member

David Mills is Associate Professor (Pedagogy and the Social Sciences) at the Department of Education at Oxford. He is Deputy Director of the Oxford Centre for Global Higher Education (CGHE) and a Co-Investigator on CGHE’s Research Programme on Supranational Higher Education. He is also Governing Body Fellow at Kellogg College.

College: Kellogg College