Association Introduction

The Future Education Development Association is an educational organization founded in the Department of Education of the University of Oxford, concerned with the future development of education in the world. Our organization aim to break the barriers between educational practice and educational research and build an integrated communication platform for global education researchers, practitioners and policy makers.

Department Introduction

Public Relation Department”

Responsible for external communication and liaison work, and responsible for raising funds and borrowing venues for various activities held by the association, seeking opportunities for cooperation. It is the bridge between the Future Education Development Association and other associations on campus and other university associations.

Propaganda Department

Responsible for increasing the influence and visibility of the Future Education Development Association both on and off campus. Responsible for the network publicity of various activities of the association, as well as updates with major social media. Responsible for the planning, design and release of texts and pictures related to various activities of the association.

Financial Department”

To manage the financial budget, expenditure, liquidation and reimbursement of the Association, and to be responsible for the purchase of goods required by the Association and other financial matters, which is the financial basis for the activities of the activity department.

“Education Organization Development Department”

Mainly responsible for selecting and organizing various activities around different educational topics. At the same time to find opportunities for members to practice educational projects.